In Search of Lost Time … La Madeleine recipe

It is said that the Madeleine was named after a young maid who baked the cakes forthe Duke of Lorraine in France.The simplicity & elegance of this “little Gateau” is The perfect guest for your morning or afternoon teas. An easy mixture of flour, sugar, eggs & butter is brought to life with the distinctive shell-like shape, which practically begs to be immersed in a piping hot cup of tea.On this note, the Madeleine is also forever remembered in literature, as French novalist of the 19thcentury, Marcel Proust, writes as he recalls an episode from his childhood after tasting the spongey biscuit dipped in tea :“No sooner had the warm liquid mixed with the crumbs touched my palate than a shudder ran through me and I stopped, intent upon the extraordinary thing that was happening to me.” Extract from “A la Recherche du Temps Perdu” - In Search of Lost Time This is the recipe for you to enjoy making at home for our cold & rainy winter days…


You would need a special madeleine mould available at The Kitchen Warehouse, The Good Guys or your favourite kitchen utensil supplier

Ingredients (makes around 30)

3 eggs

150g sugar

200g self raising flour

1 lemon zest

100g melted butter

50g milk

Preparation (10 minutes)

Preheat your oven @ 240 degrees

Melt butter in low heat, place aside

Mix eggs & sugar until it becomes white

Add the lemon zest & milk

Then the flour, & and the butter, mix well and let set for 15 minutes

Grease the Madeleine moulds & start pouring the mixture in them(not too much as they will raise!!) Place in the oven for 5 min, then decrease the temperature to 200 degres & finish cooking for approximately 10 minutes.. watch the them raise & adjust the cooking time depending on your oven.

Madeleine would need to have a nice golden color Take off the mould as soon as out of the oven.. And….. BON APPETIT!!

These delicious biscuits are a perfect adding for your next high tea party.

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French Madeleine cake
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