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Draw it yourself! #mercimonia #blackpearlcatering #coupdecrayon #creative#chefhat#toque #team

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The colours of Winter with @blackpearlcatering Spice up your evenings ! https://www.blackpearlcatering.com.au Info@blackpearlcatering.com.au Tel. 0413..

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Happy Emoji Day! ‍‍ https://www.blackpearlcatering.com.au Info@blackpearlcatering.com.au Tel. 0413 006 544

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Happy Days!! ⚽️⚽️ a weekend of French celebrations! #vivelafrance #celebrate #lafete #happydays #champion #equipedefrance#smile#blackpearlcatering

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In Search of Lost Time … La Madeleine recipe

It is said that the Madeleine was named after a young maid who baked the cakes forthe Duke of Lorraine in France.The simplicity & elegance of this “little Gateau” is The perfect guest for your morning or afternoon teas. An easy mixture of flour, sugar, eggs & butter is brought to life with the distinctive shell-like shape, […]


A soup for a winter May Day …

Roasted Pumpkin Velouté Recipe Soup, Glorious Soup! Tell me. Are you like me? The minute the wind, rain and cold weather appears, I just feel like soup, soup, and more soup… It is the best comfort food I can think about. It feels like home or a cuddle, safe, reenergising and warm… This Velouté and its smooth and […]


Gluten free cake recipe

Gluten free almond and orange cake recipe This weekend I cooked for a painting and food retreat down south and some of the participants were allergic to gluten. This recipe is perfect if you have friends of family members who are allergic to gluten but have a sweet tooth! INGREDIENTS 2 oranges 3 eggs 1 […]


Black Pearl Catering 3, 2, 1 …. GO: launch of our brand new website !

Bienvenue to Black Pearl Catering brand new website! Check out our menus for your next intimate dinner party with your very own private chef, our wedding offering, canapés for your special occasion, our buffet menus and our business menus . You will now get to know us better and we are also thrilled to get […]